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Consultation Services

Treating adolescents and their families is my passion and expertise!

Adolescents and their families are a wonderously fascinating population to treat.  However, treatment

can be diagnostically complex leading to challenging assessment and intervention considerations. 

Additionally, when adolescents present for therapy, often the family system may need treatment. 

While effectively providing family systems-based treatment is not easy, it has been well-documented

in research that it is always an essential therapeutic consideration when treating adolescents.

If you are a licensed mental health therapist working with adolescents and/or their families, my professional consultation services can be immediately helpful to your work in the ways described below.

  • More accurately assess individual & family presenting problems

  • Understand complex individual & family diagnostic issues impacting treatment

  • Develop skills to engage and/or maintain a resistant adolescent and/or family in treatment

  • Identify & overcome your own resistance to family therapy consultations, including identifying case-specific counter-transference issues impacting treatment planning and execution

  • Gain confidence as a family therapist and therefore expand treatment options for clients

  • Identify and treat subtle yet powerful family patterns impacting treatment

  • Recognize if you have become a part of the system, preventing further progress

  • Learn to minimize or manage crisis situations and make sure legal/ethical considerations are accounted for

  • Learn when & how to expand the treatment plan to include a team-approach

  • Understand your role on a team, preventing over & under-functioning issues prevalent on treatment teams

  • Use a family systems perspective to work with larger systems (i.e., schools, legal & social services) and maximize multi-systemic intervention

Clinical consultation can be for an individual licensed mental health professional who is in need of a

one time or ongoing experienced perspective on a specific case or number of cases on a case load.


The various roles and treatment settings in which I have served provided the opportunity for

consultation with and training of a variety of professionals treating the adolescent mental health

population.  In addition to supervising and consulting with mental health professionals, other service

professionals I have consulted with include educational staff, probation officers, Department of Mental

Health assessors, Department of Children & Family Service workers, hospital intake staff and

residential placement program staff.  I have provided trainings for a variety of target audiences,

including:  public & private schools, universities, community agencies and local, state and national

professional organizations.


Feel free to contact me today regarding a consultation need.  

I welcome the opportunity to support you!

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